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Keylogger Challenge

1. November 2020 ,8:00 - 26. Dezember 2020 ,23:00

This coding challenge was created by Jonathan Winter for STAIR during HS20.
It is part of the Capture the Flag event hosted by STAIR.

You can register here if you haven’t already.

The goal of this challenge is to create a Keylogger. In this challenge we only give you the subject (Keylogger) and the criteria.
So here are the criteria:

  • Keylogger has to log all pressed keys
  • Logged keys have to be exportable in a good format or be displayed in a good UI (Yes, this is highly subjective, just make it somewhat easy readable)
  • Key combinations have to be recognized as well
  • Window and application name will have to be logged as well
  • Code has to be “clean” (This is subjective as well but we’re not going to be nitpicking)
  • Code has to be tested (No, just one or two tests won’t be enough)
  • Execution and/or build instructions have to be included (if not we can’t guarantee you we can actually test your application so you might not get any points)

When you’re done, you can upload your final solution (with execution and/or build instructions) to this Ilias Directory